A wine journey many years in the making.

The early years.

It’s a story as old as time. Young friends, Dan Kosta and Michael Browne save up their restaurant tips to start making wine. Seemingly overnight, Kosta Browne Winery began receiving acclaim for its bold and delicious Pinot Noir and won Wine of the Year in 2011 by Wine Spectator Magazine.

But this success came after a lifetime of wine appreciation. Dan’s wine journey began at an early age with his father, who was a commercial airline pilot and also a fine wine collector. He began tasting wines at age 5 and was taken by the soft, fragrant, and rich flavors in each glass. This experience set the stage for Dan’s true passion for hospitality and working with wine.

The evolution.

With Kosta Browne’s rise, Dan’s name became nearly synonymous with world-class Pinot Noir. Along with the times, Dan’s palette evolved, and he sought to make wines that were the epitome of elegance. In this pursuit, he traveled all over California, searching for vineyards that pushed the boundaries of where the notoriously finicky Pinot Noir grape could be grown. 

Winemaker Shane Finley, who had worked with Dan at Kosta Browne, shared his vision and desire to craft Pinot Noir that harnessed the undeniable power of place. For more than 15 vintages, they have collaborated on wines that express terroir and shared history. 

The vision.

We are on a quest to perfect wines of elegant intensity and bring them to the rest of the world.

By maximizing what mother nature gives us, we blend art and science to discover the best ways to let the grape express itself. Our expertise enables us to be hands-off but not neglectful, working with the best possible vineyard sources and growers with whom we share history. 

The Quest.

The DK Grail wines are designed to be enjoyed, shared and collected. We want you to enjoy the quest of securing an allocation and the pleasure and pride of sharing a bottle with people at special occasions. You’ll also enjoy the ability to grow with us – knowing that we have a series of very special wines with single-vineyard designation on the horizon.

Dan Kosta DK Grail The Approach